The New Standards of Amateur MMA Promotions.

Every year there are new amateur MMA promotions popping up all over the country. Some work, some do not. We see some posters and wonder if the advertisement is satire. There are also some promotions that mix a majority amateur card with a small group of pro fights as well. A promotion on the rise doing such a lineup is AMMO out of Springfield, Massachusetts. Rumor also has it that they are a priority to host one of the first MMA Events at the new MGM Grand Casino that was built there. CCS will absolutely be on hand for that.

In New York state, there are a list of amateur promotions that really spread the spectrum. Some have made VAST improvements over the years, such as Cage Wars out of the Albany, NY area. The fights they used to host brought a ton of fans, but were in a dingy old armory in a bad part of town that saw mediocre fights in the cage, and great brawls in the crowds. This became a problem. With the construction of the new casino in Schenectady NY, Cage Wars upped their game and now have a tremendous night of fights during their events.

The example to be set not only in New York State, but across the US is right in New York City. New York Fight Exchange (NYFE) - fronted by experienced MMA matchmaker Mike Washington puts on not only a great night of entertainment, but puts together top notch competition in the cage and ring. Mike is also the mind behind Killer Instinct (Kickboxing, Muay That and K1). Packing houses, including the Resorts World Casino in Queens, NY - attached to the Aqueduct Race Track. After hosting numerous packed events at Club Amazura in Jamaica, Queens, NYFE found a new home at a casino brimming with traffic and best of all…. PARKING. In the winter time, CCS has a packed schedule shooting primarily hockey. College, AHL and NHL, we are loaded. But when we see Killer Instinct, NYFE or FNT (keep reading), we clear out schedule.

FNT. New York City has the reputation of being the entertainment hub of the world. Broadway, Sports, Concerts and Nightlife are what define the city. What if someone had the vision to combine all those into one night? It happened. Years ago, NYC hosted many fight nights, unknown to the major public eye, unsanctioned, crowded and rowdy. A fun night? Yes. A logistical nightmare? HELL YES. NYFE’s Mike Washington teamed up with NYC’s own Bekim Trenova. A name in NYC entertainment and nightlife. Mike and Bekim put together an idea of not “What If”, “how” or “Can We”, but a night if simply “We Will”. CCS was ringside shooting the first FNT at the Williamsburgh Hotel in Brooklyn. The event sold out, and the patrons did not even know the location until 5pm the day of the fights. Wall to wall fans watched fights, acrobatic performances and a performance by Hip Hop star Cam’ron. We could not believe our eyes and ears. 2 Huge Knockouts highlighted the fights, and no traditional ring card girl, but 4 dancers between fights that kept all eyes glues to the ring. Could a night like that be matched? Likely with a chuckle and saying “hold my beer”, Bekim and Mike put together FNT Volume 2. This time, everyone knew the location. They had to as it was at the much larger and much more luxurious Capitale on Bowery. Once again, Bekim and Mike packed the house and brought intense fights, 2 hip hop performances by Thutmose and a surprise performance by Jadakiss. There was non stop entertainment. On top of that, videos of the nights come out afterwards by Matte Projects, that honestly should be putting Hollywood out of business any day with their quality. FNT’s next stop is in Los Angeles, Ca, then off to Miami, FL before returning to NY.

Is FNT setting a new standard in the fight world? It’s tough to say no. To the average fan, MMA and combat sports may be growing stale, and are saturated with a WWE feel of dramatizations of fighter interactions. (OH YEAH BROTHER) FNT might be the answer of bringing new fans from all facets of life to the combat sports fanship. Don’t be a fool and miss FNY when they are in your area. In fact, make hte trip and make a weekend out of it. You will not be disappointed.

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