Saving the Skate World, One Park at a Time

Justin Kearney is not your household name in BMX. In fact, if you ride and don’t live in the New Haven, CT area - you likely do not know him. Justin has been an unsung hero of BMX and skateparks throughout Connecticut for the past 12 years. Once the man behind the Savin Rock Skate Jam in West Haven, CT, Kearney shifted his focus to the Edgewood Skate Park in New Haven, just minutes from the world renowned Yale Bowl. Earlier in the year, Kearney met with city officials of New Haven and showed them how improvements to the local skate park would be beneficial to the city, it’s residents and their visitors. A park on the verge of being torn down, Justin Kearney stepped up to the plate and not only convinced them to keep it, but also to help up in adding to it. On September 9, 2018, Kearney rounded up over 10 vendors and 20 sponsors to host the Grand RE-Opening of the Edgewood Skatepark. Did it have an impact? Well, there were over 400 people in attendance, riding BMX, Skateboards, Scooters and rollerblades. A few pro riders, mixed with highly experienced, novice and beginners took to the pavement to welcome a new era in a skatepark. Champion City Sports was on hand - and threw together a video of the day as we had an amazing time hanging out with Justin and the BMX and Skating faithful.
Visit Justin on instagram, and tell him how much you love to ride! @iamlittlejustin

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